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Upholstery cleaning Tyne and Wear

Enjoy clean, fresh-smelling upholstery from the highest-rated company locally

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The best upholstery cleaning Tyne and Wear has to offer - If your sofa is looking grubby and or need revitalising, Alliance offers exceptional sofa cleaning results, leaving them looking great & smelling amazing. Call or fill in the form for a free quote.

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Rated 5/5 by hundreds Tyne and Wear residents
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Tyne and Wear upholstery cleaning

Brighter, cleaner, healthier upholstery you can be proud of in 3 simple steps

Alliance transforms grubby upholstery into pristine, inviting comfort for your whole family to enjoy. Here are the key 3 steps for a clean, brighter, healthier upholstery .

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Let's chat about your sofa cleaning needs

Contact James to discuss your upholstery cleaning needs and receive a complimentary quotation. Subsequently, you can select a convenient time for you.

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5-star upholstery cleaning service

From your initial enquiry and booking through to completion, we offer a premium upholstery cleaning service that transforms your home, ensuring it looks remarkable.

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Cleaner, brighter, healthier upholstery to be proud of

Transformed from dingy to dazzling, your upholstery is now cleaner, more vibrant, and healthier for your entire family to relish.

Sofa Cleaner Tyne and Wear

Why customers love our sofa cleaning service and why you will too

Safer, healthier upholstery you and your family can be proud of

We use only top-quality, safe cleaning products, ensuring a non-toxic clean for your upholstery. Enjoy a healthier home with our gentle yet effective approach.

Minimal disruption to your day & hassle-free cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service is crafted for minimal disruption to your day. With a van-mounted cleaning machine and our own water supply, we work more efficiently. Plus, our specialised drying equipment speeds up the process, so your upholstery is dry and ready sooner than usual.

Great value for money carpet cleaning

While we might not be the cheapest local upholstery cleaning service, quality comes first. We use advanced equipment and a comprehensive cleaning method, ensuring outstanding results and upholstery that stays clean longer without cutting corners.

Trained, skilled and experienced upholstery cleaning technician

James, with training from Cleansmart and Texatherm Systems, keeps his upholstery cleaning skills sharp through regular industry training, learning new methods and market trends. With 5 years of experience, you can trust you're in good hands.

Family-friendly cleaning process

At Alliance, James prioritise your family's health and comfort. Our upholstery cleaning process uses safe, non-toxic solutions to ensure a clean, healthy home without compromising on quality. Designed for the safety of children and pets, our eco-friendly approach effectively revitalises your furniture while protecting the environment. Trust us for a cleaner, safer home where your family’s well-being is our top concern.

Your home is treated with care and respect 

James understand that your home is your sanctuary. That’s why our upholstery cleaning service is carried out with the utmost care and respect for your space. James, uses precise, gentle methods to rejuvenate your furniture without leaving a trace behind, except for the freshness and cleanliness. With us, your home is in safe hands, treated as if it were our own.

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My promise to you...

Hi, I’m James, owner of Alliance Carpet Cleaning.

I want to take this opportunity to make a promise to you.If you’re dissatisfied with any of the work I’ve provided, I will return as quickly as possible and re-clean that area free of charge.

If you’re still not happy, we will refund you in full.

Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction.

Best wishes,
James Oxberry

"Sofa looks and smells like new"

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Buying a yellow sofa if you have pets isn't the smartest thing you can do. Stains, muddy paw prints, fur, etc. Thanks to James, all that has gone within an hour. Sofa looks and smells like new. I definitely recommend Alliance Carpet and upholstery cleaning service to anyone. As I know my dog very well, at some point, I will call James back in for another cleaning job. That's for sure!

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Sylwester, Tyne and Wear, Google review

Hundreds of Tyne and Wear residents have chosen Alliance to restore their upholstery to a like-new condition 🙂

Here’s what they had to say:

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Here are the areas we offer upholstery cleaning in Tyne and Wear:

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

Why is professional upholstery cleaning necessary, and how does it differ from DIY cleaning?

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Professional upholstery cleaning is essential for several reasons, distinguishing it significantly from DIY cleaning efforts.

Firstly, professional cleaning goes beyond surface cleaning to remove deep-seated dirt, bacteria, and allergens that can accumulate in upholstery fabrics over time.

This level of cleaning is difficult to achieve with DIY methods, which often only address the surface level dirt and stains.

Professionals use specialised equipment and cleaning solutions tailored to the specific type of upholstery fabric, ensuring a thorough clean without damaging the delicate fibres. This expertise allows them to effectively remove stubborn stains and odours that home cleaning methods might not tackle, extending the life of your furniture and maintaining its appearance and comfort.

Furthermore, professional cleaners have a deep understanding of different materials and the best approaches to clean them, preventing shrinkage, colour fading, or other damage that can occur when inappropriate cleaning techniques or products are used.

They also apply fabric protectors as part of their service, which helps in repelling future stains and making routine maintenance easier.In contrast, DIY cleaning, while useful for minor spills and maintenance, lacks the depth and efficiency of professional cleaning.

It often relies on generic cleaning products that may not be suitable for all types of upholstery, risking damage or inadequate cleaning. Additionally, without the powerful equipment professionals use, it's challenging to remove all the moisture from the upholstery, potentially leading to mould or mildew growth.

In summary, professional upholstery cleaning is necessary for a comprehensive, deep clean that preserves the integrity and appearance of your furniture, something that DIY cleaning cannot fully achieve.

This professional service ensures your upholstery remains hygienic, looks its best, and lasts longer, making it a wise investment for the care and maintenance of your home.

How often should I have my upholstery professionally cleaned?

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The frequency at which you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned largely depends on several factors, including the usage of the furniture, presence of pets, children, and individuals with allergies in the household.

As a general guideline, it's advisable to have your upholstery professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This interval helps in maintaining the appearance and longevity of your furniture, as well as ensuring a healthy environment in your home.

For households with pets or children, who are more likely to introduce dirt, spills, and wear to your furniture, it might be necessary to consider professional cleaning more frequently, perhaps every 6 to 9 months.

This is because pets and children can add to the accumulation of unseen pollutants and potentially cause quicker degradation of your furniture's fabric.

Similarly, in homes where family members have allergies, more frequent cleaning can help in reducing allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen that tend to embed in upholstery fabrics, contributing to a cleaner air quality within the home.

It's also wise to consider immediate professional cleaning in the event of significant spills or stains, to prevent them from setting and becoming more challenging to remove.

Between professional cleanings, regular vacuuming of your upholstery and prompt attention to spills can help in maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your furniture.

Remember, upholstery is a significant investment within your home, and regular professional cleaning is key to protecting that investment, ensuring your furniture remains comfortable, clean, and visually appealing for years to come.

Is professional upholstery cleaning safe for all types of fabrics, including delicate and vintage materials?

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Professional upholstery cleaning is indeed designed to be safe for all types of fabrics, including those that are delicate or vintage. The key lies in the expertise of the professionals and their understanding of different materials.

Before commencing any cleaning process, a seasoned professional will typically conduct a thorough assessment of the upholstery fabric. This evaluation helps determine the most suitable cleaning method and products, ensuring that even the most delicate materials are treated with the care they require.

For delicate and vintage fabrics, professionals often employ low-moisture cleaning methods or dry cleaning techniques that are specifically tailored to preserve the integrity and appearance of these sensitive materials.

These methods minimise the risk of damage such as colour bleeding, shrinking, or texture alteration, which are concerns when dealing with such fabrics.

The cleaning agents used are carefully selected for their compatibility with the upholstery, ensuring they are effective yet gentle.

Moreover, professional cleaners continuously update their training and techniques to align with the latest advancements in fabric care, ensuring they can cater to a wide range of materials safely and effectively.

This level of specialised care and attention to detail underscores the importance of entrusting your valuable and delicate upholstery to professionals, ensuring it remains in pristine condition, free from dirt, allergens, and odours, while preserving its beauty and longevity.

Can professional upholstery cleaning effectively remove tough stains and odors from furniture?

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Yes, professional upholstery cleaning is highly effective in removing tough stains and odours from furniture. Through the use of advanced cleaning techniques and specialised solutions, professional cleaners are equipped to tackle a wide range of stains, from food and wine spills to ink and pet accidents.

Experts understand the science behind different types of stains and how they interact with various upholstery materials, allowing them to select the most effective treatment.

Additionally, the equipment used in professional cleaning penetrates deep into the fabric to extract not just surface dirt but also embedded particles that contribute to odours.

Beyond merely removing stains and odours, professional upholstery cleaning also helps to restore the original beauty and texture of your furniture, extending its life and enhancing the overall cleanliness of your home.

The process is designed to be safe for all types of upholstery fabrics, ensuring that your furniture is not only clean but also maintained in top condition. With their expertise, professional cleaners can revitalise your upholstery, making it look and smell as good as new.

Are there any long-term benefits to choosing professional upholstery cleaning?

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Absolutely, choosing professional upholstery cleaning offers several long-term benefits that contribute significantly to the health and aesthetics of your home environment.

Firstly, regular professional cleaning extends the life of your upholstery by removing dirt and grime that can wear down the fabric over time.

This deep cleaning process helps to preserve the integrity and appearance of your furniture, preventing the premature ageing and deterioration that can result from accumulated dust, oils, and stains.

Moreover, professional upholstery cleaning plays a crucial role in improving indoor air quality by eliminating allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen trapped within the fabric.

This creates a healthier living space, particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.

By maintaining your upholstery in pristine condition, you not only enhance the comfort and beauty of your home but also protect your investment, ensuring your furniture remains a source of pride and joy for years to come.

What types of fabrics of upholstery can be professionally cleaned?

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Professional upholstery cleaning services are adept at handling a wide array of fabric types, ensuring that virtually every kind of upholstery can be cleaned effectively and safely.

This includes common materials such as cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon, which are frequently used in household furniture.

Each material requires a specific approach to cleaning to preserve its quality and appearance. For instance, delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, or certain types of leather, demand specialised cleaning techniques and solutions to prevent damage.

In addition to these, professional cleaners are also equipped to clean more unique or uncommon fabrics, such as microfibre, suede, and even intricate tapestries.

The expertise and equipment that professional cleaners possess allow them to assess and apply the most appropriate cleaning method, whether it involves steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or hand washing. This versatility ensures that your furniture, regardless of the fabric type, receives the care it needs to look its best and last longer.

Is professional upholstery cleaning environmentally friendly?

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Professional upholstery cleaning can indeed be environmentally friendly, with many service providers now prioritising the use of green cleaning methods and solutions.

These eco-friendly practices are designed to minimise the impact on the environment while still ensuring a deep and effective clean. By utilising biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning agents, professional cleaners ensure that the process is safe for the environment, your home, and your family, including pets.

These sustainable choices are not only effective in removing dirt and stains but also in maintaining the fabric's integrity and indoor air quality.

Furthermore, the advanced equipment used in professional upholstery cleaning often consumes less water than traditional methods, reducing waste and conserving resources.

Many professionals also employ energy-efficient machines, further diminishing the environmental footprint of their services. By choosing a professional upholstery cleaning service that commits to eco-friendly practices, customers can enjoy the benefits of a clean and refreshed home, contributing to a healthier planet.

This alignment with environmental consciousness is an important consideration for many looking to make responsible choices in their home maintenance routines.

How long does the professional upholstery cleaning process typically take?

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The duration of the professional upholstery cleaning process can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the furniture, the type of fabric, and the extent of soiling.

Generally, for a standard piece of upholstered furniture, such as a sofa or armchair, the cleaning process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

This timeframe allows for a thorough clean, ensuring that all areas of the furniture are meticulously attended to, from the cushions and body to any intricate detailing.

Following the cleaning, there is also a drying time to consider, which can range from a few hours to a full day, depending on the fabric type and the cleaning method used.

Professional cleaners often use specialised equipment to expedite the drying process, but it is still important to allow adequate time for the upholstery to dry completely before use.

This ensures the best possible clean and helps to avoid any potential issues such as mildew growth or fabric damage. Overall, while the process requires a bit of time, the results – a fresh, clean, and revitalised piece of furniture – are well worth the wait.

Do you offer a warranty for your upholstery cleaning services?

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Absolutely, we stand firmly behind the quality of our upholstery cleaning services with a comprehensive warranty that reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Should you find yourself not entirely satisfied with the results of our cleaning, we invite you to get in touch with us within a specific timeframe, typically 48 hours after the service.

We will promptly return to re-clean the specific areas of concern at no extra charge, ensuring that the final outcome aligns with your expectations and upholds our high standards of excellence.

In the rare event that you remain unsatisfied following our re-cleaning efforts, we are committed to offering a full refund.

This policy is a testament to our confidence in our team's expertise and the efficacy of our cleaning methods. Our priority is not only to refresh and revitalise your upholstery but also to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is protected.

We believe in building trust through transparency and reliability, ensuring that every client experiences the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Is professional upholstery cleaning cost-effective compared to the potential cost of upholstery replacement?

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Professional upholstery cleaning is indeed cost-effective, especially when compared to the potential expense of replacing your furniture.

Upholstery, particularly of high-quality or sentimental value, represents a significant investment for most households. Regular professional cleaning can extend the life of this investment by removing dirt, oils, and allergens that can degrade the fabric over time.

This not only maintains the appearance and comfort of your furniture but also avoids the substantial cost and inconvenience of needing to purchase new items prematurely.

Moreover, professional cleaning can restore your furniture's appearance to a like-new condition, reviving colours and textures that may have become dull or matted down through use.

This process can rejuvenate a room's aesthetic without the need for expensive redecorating or refurbishing.

Considering the cost of high-quality furniture today, the relatively minor expense of professional cleaning services offers a wise and economical choice for preserving the beauty and functionality of your upholstery for years to come.

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"Extremely happy with my sofa. With two small children it was very stained but it now looks brand new! James was also very professional."

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